Lunch At Costco Story

People who hadn’t been to one of The ShowManiaPaloozas would ask Danny what the show was like. That was a difficult question to answer, since no two shows were alike. Also, as many of the songs are comedy numbers, it was hard to explain without giving away the punchlines. But to at least give an idea of what the night entails, he decided to post a video that had been taken at one of his shows at The MBar in Hollywood. The song was called Lunch at Costco.

It was eventually seen by the Costco Kirkland Corporation…and they liked it. Consequently, after 5 years of persistence, they allowed him to shoot a music video for the song at the Hawthorne, Ca. Costco. Know that every item in the song was actually tasted at a store. And oh, Costco liked the end result so much, they featured the music video on both their US and Canadian Facebook pages.


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