Danny had written songs for various events and special life moments for many, many years- his sister's wedding, his wife for Mother's Day, a college fundraiser, one for his mother, etc. Most had been performed once for the event, and then shelved away. In 2009 his father John was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Many times he had mentioned to his son "You should take these songs and do a little show", and Danny knew it had to be now if his father was going to see it. So at a friend's theater in Long Beach, along with his performing family (Wife Nora and children Chris, Brandon & Angelica) along with a 4 piece band, they presented the first show of Danny's songs...and it sold out. When everyone said they were available again the next evening, they decided to perform one more show...and it also sold out. With that, The ShowManiaPalooza was born. After being able to see Danny's show once more in July, his father passed away that August, but the show has continued. It has grown into a collection of Danny's often crazy, sometimes poignant songs.

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